Peer review

I am available:

  • to act as a peer reviewer
  • to support a service preparing for or going through a review
  • to support a service in developing future plans using the results of a peer review.

In July 2013 I acted as a peer reviewer for the Local Government Association  at North Yorkshire Library and Information Service.

I have led services that have been the recipient of peer reviews on 2 occasions. In each case the reviewers got straight to the key issues for the service and gave excellent feedback and supportive suggestions on potential ways to proceed. I acted as the liaison person for the reviewers and worked with them to develop effective programmes.

I developed and implemented a full modernisation plan for Dudley Library services building on and further developing the recommendations which came from the peer review.

I have acted as a critical friend to colleagues from environmental health within Dudley when they were peer-reviewed. The feedback I received was that my input was useful as an initial friendly challenge while they were preparing for the review and that I gave them additional insights which helped them get what they needed from the peer review process.

I have acted as the co-ordinator and manager for Staffordshire Libraries Best Value review.


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