Shared Services Architect

As a collaborative leader I have skills in partnerships, alliances, shared services and mergers and have experience in developing pioneering ways of collaborative working which lead to service improvement.

‘collaboration needs a different ind of leadership; it needs leaders who can safeguard the process, facilitate interaction, and patiently deal with high levels of frustration. Collaboration works when …leaders.. keep the process going’ Chrislip, D & Larson, C (1994) ‘How citizens and civic leadership can make a difference’ p42.

Black Country Shared Library Services Project Manager

In this role I:

  • led a team made up of staff from all 4 authorities including marketing and communications
  • worked with Cabinet members, Assistant Directors and Heads of Service to create a vision and  parameters for the project
  • undertook and disseminated research into the range of options and models that could be used
  • led on the development of a range of options, including the implications of potential legal entities, and presented them to the managing board, Association of Black Country Authorities Chief Executives, Cabinet members and Assistant Directors
  • developed programmes of work for elements of shared services which have resulted in an improved single stock contract and the creation of a joint tender process for a single Library Management System for the four authorities
  • liaised with other teams who were developing similar proposals
  • ensured that effective communication about the project was maintained with the staff of each library service including a full day staff workshop and a range of project groups

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